About Us

About Abbey Commercial Services

For office cleaning Burton upon Trent, Abbey Commercial Services can service all your office cleaning needs. We certainly aim to “go the extra mile” to keep our customers happy

Servicing local Burton upon Trent businesses since 1997

We have been Commercial Cleaning for local Burton upon Trent Businesses for over 16 years.

Who We Are

  • professional offices
  • commercial offices
  • medical surgeries
  • factory rest areas
  • kitchens
  • leisure centres
  • shops
  • authority premises
  • communal areas in apartment buildings

and even churches.

This shows how we have a wide experience base to tailor the cleaning to your specific needs.

Office Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Stone Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning

Just a phone call away

Operating in the locality of Burton upon Trent means we can respond quickly and efficiently to your enquiries. You won’t have the problems so may firms have with “out of town” commercial cleaning companies.

A common quote I constantly hear from Clients who previously dealt with larger “out of town companies” is

“Contract Managers are difficult to get hold of” or “they never seem to be bothered to ring me back”.

Our business model is simple “The Client Always Comes First” whatever the query or request, we will be there to assist and work alongside our Clients.

If your business is located within the area of Burton upon Trent then place your trust in a professional local office cleaning company - Abbey Commercial Services